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Kate Torres is a photographer usually spotted wearing a coat in the middle of summer.

Hi. Hello. Welcome.

If you've gotten this far into the site, you've probably guessed: my name is Kate and I'm a photographer living and working in San Francisco.

By day I make the medium bucks at a creative agency in Union Square, and by night I make a mean grilled cheese. I also make terrible jokes and know more about Star Wars than you do.

If you ever catch me out of the office, you'll probably notice a lovely Canon t5i somewhere nearby. That, paired with my insatiable need to explore SF, has led me (well, us, I suppose) here. This is the home of my most valued treasures: the preserved memories of an adventurer and activist. 

So, take a look around. This is a personal collection of artifacts, some of which tend to find their way on my agency's social feed. If smashing fascism is your thing/ you think Donald Trump is a crapbag, you can usually find me participating and organizing actions for: Indivisible and Bay Resistance.

That's it. I've given you plenty of information, what more could you want, you greedy monsters?


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